D'Mio Ingram Sets Goal On Taking Field Again

"Miracle baby. That's what they call me," D'Mio Ingram said. "I guess that's how I feel, like a little miracle baby."

Just two months after being paralyzed on the Lobo football field, D'Mio is in Longview again, and working to get back onto that field.

"I don't feel back normal," D.Mio admits, "but I feel alright. There's progress, and it's coming. It's just taking time, that's all."

"It's more than amazing," D'Mio's mother Stefanie Woodberry said, "sometimes it's overwhelming. Sometimes I just look at him and just thank God, I can't believe that this kid has survived all of this trauma, from getting hit on the field, to telling people he's going to die, to now he's up walking and driving...it's just all so amazing."

D'Mio's rehab is coming along nicely, but he's still working his way back to normal. For an athlete, that's tough to deal with.

"That's the hardest part right now," D'Mio said, "not being able to go out and do what I used to do. "All of the therapy and all this, this ain't nothing.  Just not being able to do what I wanted to do as quick as I want to, that's the hardest part."

"You've got to have discipline anyway to play football, so it's not really a discipline thing. It's just about you, however far you want to take it. It's all about self-discipline."

Two months ago, things looked bleak for D'Mio but now, he's focused on tomorrow, not yesterday.

"Sometimes, when I'm in my car I'll stop at a red light," D'Mio said, "and I'll think, 'Dang, I was just paralyzed the other day.'"

"And then it turns green, and I just keep going," he laughs.

D'Mio stays focused for one goal, get healthy, and get back on the field.

"He loves football," Woodberry said. "I think if it wasn't for the fact that he believes in his heart that he's going to play again, he would have given up. D'Mio is a true fighter, football is going to be a part of his life forever."

"All day," D'Mio said. "All day. I've got to play football."

"It's the only thing I want to do."

After two months of treatment and rehab, D'Mio's expenses are still extreme. The family's account for donations is still open at East Texas Professional Credit Union. The account number for donations is #675825.

Reid Kerr can be reached at rkerr@kltv.com.