Angel Food Ministries Holds Food Drive

Volunteers with a non-profit organization are trying to ease the cost of living for East Texans one meal at a time.  A big effort was made today to help feed the needy in East Texas, as hundreds of volunteers pitched in for a program called Angel Food Ministries.

"We have a semi that comes in, we have ten churches that come here we distribute they're food" said host site director Emily Sanroman.

"We deliver at the end of the month when money is usually tight for people," said volunteer Barbara Reed.  Members of First Baptist Church filled 1,100 food packages Saturday morning that will be distributed to needy East Texans.

"Our deal is we give people a hand up, not a hand out," said Reed.  "We do as Christ said, we love one another, loving those people and providing a service to them, and they see the love of Christ through us."  Each package contains around $30 worth of food, food destined to help families that have gas prices eating into their budgets.

"Just to help people with food, with the prices of gas going up," said Sanroman.

"And that will feed a family of four for about a week, so we're talking thousands of meals," said Reed.  Their goal is simple.

"To touch people in the community, everybody likes a bargain and everybody likes to eat," said Reed.  The Angel Food Project is a national non-profit organization that provides food to 500,000 needy families each month.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.