From The Model A To Hybrids And Hydrogen Cars

Modern-day cars have come a long way, but so have some old models that East Texans are restoring. Saturday, the Model A Club in Tyler met to show off their fabulous Fords.

It was all about reminiscing the past and the cheaper times.

"One like that sold for $465 new," said Terry Weiss, pointing to a Model A.  "American families had 2.2 children, they can all get in there and have a good time, and gasoline was anywhere from 11 to 15 cents a gallon then."

"When I was a kid, you could get it for about 17 cents a gallon," said Charles Higginbothin with the Tyler Model A Club.  Those were definitely the good ole' days, but now, a little hope. Oil prices are dropping, driving down the cost of gas.  AAA says by Labor Day, prices could be 25 cents cheaper, but even if that happens, the soaring and fluctuating prices have caused some big changes.

"The car companies are having to make big adjustments," said Weiss.  "The sports cars and the SUV's are having to take a back seat."  Turning to more modern, fuel-efficient cars, or for some, it's cranking-up their Ford Model A's.

"The average person can't even work on a car this day in time, where anybody could work on an old Model A," said Higginbothin.  "It was simple."

"They were good for gasoline, easy on repairs, parts were very economical," said Weiss.  "They were good then, and they're even good now.  There's people now that are driving some of them to work instead of their gas guzzler-modern day cars.  They're driving their A's.  You're going to see more old cars on the road."  And maybe in the near future, we'll see cars that makers say will lessen our dependence on foreign oil and cut down on greenhouse gases.

"The hybrids and new hydrogen cars are the ones to keep your eyes on," said Weiss.  Saturday was International Model A Celebration Day, the reason the Tyler Model A Club met to show off their restored cars.

Courtney Lane, Reporting