Community Of Lone Star Left With Questions After Death Of Prominent Citizen

His death is a mystery and leaves an East Texas town searching for answers.

A community leader in Lone Star was found shot to death in his own home. The body of 67-year old Newell Sartain was discovered by his wife yesterday at their home. That's in the 300 block of Jefferson Street in Lone Star.

"The biggest response right now is no one can put their hands around it," Robert Dunaway told us today.

A dark cloud is hovering over the small town of Lone Star tonight.

A community leader and supporter of area schools and law enforcement was discovered dead by his wife Marie.

"It's a genuine concern for the family and of course they want to know what happened," says Dunaway.

Lone Star police say Newell Sartain was found shot to death in his home just before 1:00 pm on Thursday afternoon.

A family member tells KLTV 7 that Sartain was shot once in the head, while sitting in his recliner.

But tonight, there are no suspects in custody.

"Under the circumstances people are looking for answers that we don't have answers for right now and that's a big concern," said Dunaway.

Sartain's business partner and close friend says he'll miss seeing this smiling face.

He was a man, he says, who would give the shirt off his back for anyone and was a loving husband and also father, to his teenage daughter.

"They were always on his thoughts. Everything he did was for them."

Sartain was also a natural educator, teaching everything he knew to those around him, including his partner Robert Dunaway.

"He's been my mentor and I don't know what I'm going to do without him," Dunaway said.

They're a community in grief, and law enforcement is vowing to find out what happened to man who was loved by so many.

Courtney Lane, Reporting