Freedom Fighters: Emmitt Hendricks

Emmitt Hendricks had never even seen an ocean or been on a ship when he went into the Navy in January of 1945. Before the year ended, he had been all the way to Japan.

Hendricks was assigned to the airacraft carrier U.S.S. Bennington. When the ship wans't in battle, Hendricks was the ship barber. During battle he was in "bomb breakout", which involved bringing the bombs up from below. In spite of the danger of his job, Hendricks say the Japanese suicide bombers were the biggest threat.

After the Battle of Japan,  Bennington was on standbye during the signing of the Japanese peace treaty.

Because he had a wife and three children back home, Hendricks was one of the first sailors on the Bennington to be released after the war.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting