Heritage Turnip Green Festival This Weekend In Easton

The show will go on for one east Texas town, gearing up for its annual Summer festival dedicated to turnip greens.

The 14th annual Heritage Turnip Green Festival is taking place tonight and tomorrow in the town of Easton in Gregg County off FM 2906.

KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on how the turnip has become a rallying point for a town that has had it's share of struggles.

It started as a simple competition between Easton neighbors, to see who could cook better turnip greens. It's grown into a festival that brings thousands to east on each summer.

"They have a turnip green turnout where you test the greens to see who cooks them the best...They're finger licking good," said Mae Belle Carter, a contestant.

It has turned into a festival that draws thousands.

"We're looking for a big crowd tonight, tomorrow, Sunday afternoon," said Willis Sammons, the mayor of Easton.

Regardless of what problems the city has had in the past, the community has always found a way to put this festival on, and they have had some obstacles to overcome.

budget problems forced easton to dissolve its police force last year. The festival has been nearly cancelled in years where funds ran out.. And this year vandalism destroyed the festival pavilion.

"They always find a way no matter what kind of troubles they go through, they always come out on top. So we going to try it again this year and have a hallelujah good time."

For Easton residents, the festival brings big dollars into the community.

They are "the little town that could" and for as long as it takes and whatever it takes they'll keep this small town charm alive.

The festival has already started at Easton city park.

There are horse carriage rides, a car and truck show and a street dance with live music.

Admission is $3.00, kids 12 and under are free.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com