Kids Triathlon Rewards All

For the kids, just to race today was an accomplishment. For everyone who took part in the triathlon, their goal was to finish. For one special child, it was a dream.

Race Director John Webb explained, "We have a special athlete today, Jimbo Reynolds, who's seven years old and a quadriplegic."

Last year, Jimbo was the official race starter. This year, he wanted to do more. Webb says, "I asked him are you gonna come back and blow the whistle again, and he said no. He said I want to do it like the other kids. And that just captured my heart, so he is gonna do the race today."

Jimbo, with John's help, took part today, and the other kids drew on Jimbo for inspiration. They wore his name on their arms as they competed. Jimbo's mom Tracey says, "I think it's really neat because I've always felt Jimbo's here for a reason cause he's been through so much in his short life."

Jimbo and John swam, and rode, and finally ran the same course all of the other kids covered. In the end, everybody reached the goal. He competed because he said he just "wanted to be like all the other kids."

And Saturday, Jimbo was.