East Texas Woman Receives New Limb For Life

Running, dancing, and riding a bike, for most of us they are activities we take for granted.  That's not the case for one East Texas woman who thought she would never be able to do what she loved again.  Tina Rosamond of Grand Saline was born without the lower part of her left leg and needed a new prosthesis.  One organization placed Tina back on her feet just as she hit rock-bottom.

Riding her bike down an old country road is something Tina says she loves to do.

"I like to ride my bike," said Rosamond.  "I like to go fishing.  I like to swim.  I like to skate, do just about anything anybody else does."  Peddling, however, was not always possible for Tina. She says her previous prosthesis was old and painful, leaving her practically immobile.

"It was 17-years-old, and it was real old, and I couldn't walk on it real good."  Tina knew she needed a new prosthesis, but could not afford the almost $6,000 it would cost to get one. That's when the Limbs For Life Foundation, a non-profit organization offered to buy Tina a new leg.

"Oh, it's terrific," said Rosamond.  "It's wonderful, and you know I mean the Lord has really blessed me."  Bruce "Mac" McClellan of Prosthetic-Orthotic Associates of Tyler built Tina her new leg.  He says the general life span for a prosthesis is only three to five years.

"Generally people's amputation, or what we call residual limbs change over time, and the prosthesis doesn't, so they lose the ability to fit, so they generally need to be refit," said McClellan.  Tina says her new leg both feels and looks great, and can only smile when she talks about the Limbs For Life Foundation.

"Anybody can do anything they want if they just put their mind to it, even if they are handicap, and I really can't appreciate them helping me so much," said Rosamond.  The Limbs For Life Foundation provides financial assistance to hundreds of amputees a year in the United States. It also helps amputees in developing countries such as the Dominican Republic and Africa.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com