3 Restaurants, But Many Problems With Inspectors

Dirty food prep areas and foods held at unsafe temperatures were just some of the problems found in the latest round of inspections by East Texas health departments.

KlTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on the Smith County and Longview restaurants that had their troubles under inspection.

In Longview, restaurants were singled out for serious violations in the latest inspection period, including Taco Bueno at 500 East Marshall Avenue. Inspected July 10th, cooked beans were held at unsafe temperatures, salad bar items like salsa chicken, sour cream and tomatoes were held too warm. Cross contamination of sausage was found and condensation was seen dripping onto taco shells. They had 5 critical violations and 21 total demerits.

Popeyes' at 2110 Gilmer Road was inspected July 8th. Raw chicken wasn't properly refrigerated.

Spicy tenders, chicken and rice were held at unsafe temperature. There was improper hand-washing at the chicken prep area, and dirty utensils and serving trays were found. 4 critical violations, total demerits 16.

In Tyler, Super Mercado Monterrey at 510 South Southwest Loop 323 had its problems.

Toxic chemicals were being stored next to and above food items. There was an issue with date marking prepared food. No towels or soap could be found at several hand-washing sinks. Employees were observed handling food with their bare hands. Employees were also observed violating hand-washing procedure. Raw beef and eggs were found above ready-to-eat food. Eggs, potatoes, salsa, beef, pork, onions were not being held at the proper temperature. Total demerits: 50

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com