Chandler Man Celebrates 100th Birthday In Gym

Heard of fitness over 40? Well, a Chandler man is making us all look bad.

Ralph Woodson celebrated his 100th birthday today in an unlikely place.

KLTV 7's Layron Livingston hit the gym with Ralph, where not even cake, ice cream, or a century of life could get in the way of a quick workout.

"He's got to work off that cake he had," trainer Cassie Ebert says.

Today, Ralph Woodson and his trainer are hitting the arm bike. It's an ordinary workout, on an extraordinary day.

Today, Ralph joined an exclusive club.

"Centenarian....I've got to get accustomed to that term," Woodsen said.

"He told me that he needs to learn how to spell that word," said Ebert.

"I'm very privileged and blessed to reach that age and still be able to get around a little," Woodsen said.

Ralph gets around more than a little, better than most people half his age.

You could pretty much find Ralph getting his blood flowing at the ETMC Olympic center in Chandler, just about every day except Sundays.

"It's easier when you do it continuously, you know," said Woodsen.

"I mean, we have very young people who complain about aches and pains and can't even do most of this stuff," said Ebert.

It's multi-generational inspiration.

"We've admired him and said, 'hope we can do as good as he does'," Jerry Starkey told us. Starkey is Woodsen's workout partner.

Now Ralph is just enjoying the long life he's had, and great friendships he's made.

"I think he's the grandest person in the world," said Dannie Mays.

"If I can do as well as he does, it'd be fine," said Starkey.

And he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

" they do in golf, take it day by day and try to make the next day better," said Woodsen.

Ralph says he loves to golf and began playing when he was 14 years old.

He gave up the game in his 90s, but not before sinking 14 hole-in-ones over his lifetime.

Layron Livingston, reporting.