Volunteers Needed at East Texas Charities

Rick and Barbara Chalene are Meals on Wheels for some of the less fortunate.

But, they're new faces to these folks. "We had time on our hands and it looked like something that we could do that could help someone else," Rick says.

Giving their time this time of year sets them apart. Summer is the season when folks like the Chalenes are hard to come by.

"On some days, I have to call 50 or 70 people to get like 10 people to volunteer to be substitutes," said Marcy Ginsburg, director of Meals on Wheels in Tyler.

People may be out of school and off on vacation. But, people still need a hot lunch, and much more.

"What is it that you have a heart for?", asks the United Way's Jason Holmes calls on anyone who can to give their time right now to help out.  It only gets back to normal when fall arrives.

"We tend to see volunteers come back in focus (in the fall). Within agencies when the kids get back into school," he says.

"It just gives you a little personal satisfaction to be able to contribute if you can," Rick says.

They say what is received is well worth the effort.   The trip around town is short.

Smiles and the "thank you's" stay with them much longer.