City Of Tyler Says It Has Plenty Of Water For This Summer's Needs

The City of Tyler has released a statement this morning, saying that they will have enough water to meet the needs of its residents this summer, despite the heat and lack of rain.

The City of Tyler says it has the capability to produce 72 million gallons of water per day. Current peak production reached 38 million gallons per day earlier this week.

"Unlike other areas of the State, we are not asking our customers to restrict water usage because we have plenty of water available," Director of Utilities and Public Works Greg Morgan said. "We do, however, encourage residents to water lawns early in the morning instead of during the heat of the day to reduce evaporation. This will save customers money and make sure the watering they do is effective."

Currently, raw water is being drawn from both Lake Tyler and Lake Palestine. The City has split the amount it pumps between the two lakes, taking only half of what was pumped from Lake Tyler in the past. According to the City of Tyler, the amount of water Tyler takes from these lakes each day is less than is lost to evaporation each day.

Additionally, Tyler has 12 deep water wells that are capable of producing 8,000,000 gallons per day.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.