A Better East Texas: Hurricane Dolly

We are cleaning up after two storms this week - both of them named Dolly.  Hurricane Dolly created a tough situation for South Texas.  Local groups responded and the outpouring of help has been impressive.

Texans have rallied in support of Texans and that makes me proud.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.  But Hurricane Dolly is an easy clean up compared to our other storm.  I am talking about Dolly the sheep.  The world's first cloned animal.  This week, I believe Dolly's legacy lived on as scientists delivered a baby using a transgendered man as a host.  I believe this is wrong.

Just because we can do something scientifically does not mean that it necessarily advances humanity.  There was a time, long ago, when the boundaries of morality and science were more or less in agreement.  But, sadly, science has left morality in the dust.  The idea of a pregnant man is just another step towards human cloning and other "advances" where moral impact is pushed aside.  But what can be done about it?

There has got to be a renewed commitment to moral boundaries - by elected officials, our families, ourselves.  There are some absolute truths out there and our moral boundaries should reflect and respect those truths.