A Better East Texas: Understanding the Big Switch

I am here today to try to clear up some on-going confusion about the big switch.  You have no doubt heard of it and you probably have a good idea that it involves the transition of all broadcast television signals to digital.

For many East Texans that receive KLTV through cable or satellite, you will have little or nothing to do.  But for those that receive our signal over the air, you have several things to consider.  And that is where the confusion sets in.  We have received many calls from viewers who have bought new T-Vs or are trying to outfit their current T-V to receive KLTV over the air.  You will have to have a converter box unless your new T-V comes with a built in digital tuner.   This is a very important first step.

Think it through and know what you have.  Then, to pick us up over the air you will need an antenna.  Some stations can be picked up with a U-H-F antenna and some need a V-H-F antenna.  KLTV is already available as a digital signal receivable on a V-H-F antenna.

And after February 17, 2009, you will still use the V-H-F antenna to receive KLTV.  Think it through and know what you have and what you need to get to make the big switch as easy as turning on your TV and that will make for a better East Texas.