Gift of Love: 5 Brothers Adopted By 1 Family

Sherry and Wayne became East Texas foster parents more than 20 years ago, but this latest group of boys to come into their home would have a profound affect on them.

"The three younger ones came first. We have always been an advocate to keep children together and it took us a while to get the two older ones to our family," Wayne said.

Sherry goes onto say, "But once we got them all together, they're a family. They're so bonded and the thought of them ever being separated again was just unthinkable."

Their family now includes, 15 year old Travyion, 13 year old Sylvester, 10 year old Demario, 9 year old Tavares and 7 year old Emmanuel.

These siblings remember the first day they met the strangers, who would become their new parents. "We thought they were real nice and their house would probably be a good place to live," recalls Sylvester.

The love Sherry and Wayne received from these sibling has changed their lives.

Sherry says, "They mean everything to me. When we lost our son Jason in 2005 to a motorcycle accident, we also lost his 3 daughters and these guys are my angels."

"That was a hard time for us. I'm not sure how we would have made it had God not placed more children with us," says Wayne.

Looking at his new parents, little Emmanuel says, "I love them."

After being in foster care since 2004, these young boys are now afforded every opportunity to succeed.  "Three of them are playing baseball. We've got two of them I think that want to play football next year. We've got a couple that want to play basketball. So, our evening are going to be taken care of for quit a while," says Wayne proudly.

"I think we just define normal a little different than most. I think what most people would call our family is organized chaos," Sherry said.

But for them, it works and the children couldn't be happier. "Our new mom is nice and when you have bad dreams then you can go to her and she will pray for you and dad, he takes care of us and plays with us and he's just nice," says Demario.

Tavares adds, "We're not in foster care anymore and we won't have to move again."

This family believes everything happens for a reason. Sherry says, "This is what God created me for, I'm totally convinced. When I came into this world I was meant to be their mother." Wayne is quick to add, "I'm just proud to be their dad."

A feeling of pride and support that will last for the rest of these brothers lives.

Looking around at their new sons they say, "We love each and every one of y'all equally. Happy Adoption Day!"

Wayne and Sherry may not be done adding to their family. They say they may adopt 3 more children.

If you'd like information on fostering or adoption, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan Reporting