Carpet Skates: " Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell

One of these days it's going to rain again and the kids are going to be stuck indoors with you. That could have been the motivation behind this week's "Does It Work?" product.

It's right there on the package. "If you've got carpet, you've got fun." We've got carpet. And that's why we picked up Fun Slides Carpet Skates. They remind us of another "Does It Work?" product from years gone by...the Moving Men. The only difference is they're elongated like the shape of your foot and they have straps on them.

You're supposed to wear shoes in these. We do, strap them on and we're ready to go.

We all try them. Some of us are better than others. It was weird, but the adults did much better sliding down our carpeted halls than the kids did. In fact most found it pretty beneficial as a work out...great cardio and really works the thighs.

"You've got to have a good center of gravity," said former skater, Andrew Tucker. "If you don't have a good center of gravity, you're going to end up like a couple of our co-workers ended up (falling)."

Carpet Skates is a toy that might be better for adults than for kids. Seems the makers knew that when they made them capable of fitting a size 15 shoe. And if you're real protective of your carpet, you're not going to like these. We didn't see any damage, but there was enough friction that the bottoms of the skates got pretty warm.

"Does It Work?" We give Fun Slides Carpet Skates a yes.

We paid 15 dollars for Carpet Skates at Target.