Are You a Parenting Grandparent?

From 9 to 5...Elaine Satterfeld has her hands full. When her grandchildren Carlie and Morgan were born she became a grandma...but things have changed!

"The emotional part of it is hearing them say, 'Nanna...can I call you mommy. I need to call somebody mommy,' she tells. "Or this one's the clincher, 'Nanna, say a prayer to Jesus that my mommy will come home'...and what's that doing to them spiritually?"

That's just one question she asks herself daily, "I got to thinking, if I'm going through this how many more are going through the same identical thing?"

51 year old Sue Bannister. She's got a full house with three grandkids living with her. While her grandson's are a joy, often times she left wondering how to help them. "How do you explain to a child, "Why my daddy doesn't have room for me when I call to go for a visit during spring break one week and he lived in a house that has 3 bedrooms?'

While words of wisdom are encouraging, she says it may not be enough, "I need somebody to help me figure out how to help these kids. Because they have emotional needs."

Very few people understand what it is like to parent a "second" time. That's why parenting grandparents like Elaine & Sue support and depend on each other as much as their grandchildren now depend on them.

If your interested in becoming part of a support group for grandparent raising their children's children. Contact Judy Porter with the Texas Department of Heath. The number is 533-5256. If atleast 10 families come forward, a support group can be of charge.