'Malicious Destruction': Kids Vandalize Homes In Tyler

Police say juveniles vandalized at least seven homes at an east Texas construction site, all for a little fun.

The destruction was discovered this morning in the Normandy Heights subdivision located off Calais Drive in Tyler, and it's not the first time homes in the neighborhood have been hit.

As KLTV 7's Molly Reuter explains, the homeowners and police are asking for the public's help.

Broken windows and shattered glass everywhere - construction workers got a not so nice surprise when they got to work this morning.

"This is just malicious destruction," said Don Martin with the Tyler Police.

Kids, police say, are most likely behind the damage.

Police also say the same type of vandalism happened last week to two other homes.

"They are taking large rocks, or bricks and then throwing them through the window and in some of them they are actually entering the residences and busting out some of the walls," said Martin.

What might have been just a fun game, Classic Century Homes area production manager Chad Chauncey says could cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

"The next few houses you have to take into consideration and say well, if this happens again, we can't afford it, so it definitely does directly affect the purchaser of the future homes, and it's too bad," said Chauncey.

Which is why both Chauncey and police say it has to stop.

"Any of the neighbors that live in this neighborhood currently need to monitor it for us. We will step up our patrol in the area, but if they see anything where kids are running, or playing in the around the homes under construction, they need to call police immediately," said Martin.

Classic Century Homes is still assessing the damage, but say it could be as much as $30,000 or more.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com