Obama In Iraq To Meet With Commanders, Leaders

Senator Obama has been in two war zones in three days - and it is just the beginning of his international tour.

After two days in Afghanistan, where he met US commanders and President Hamid Karzai, today Senator Obama flew into Iraq - where he met US commanders and Iraqi government leaders.

The trip is billed as a fact-finding mission, but it is also clearly designed by the Obama campaign to try to show that the Senator from Illinois is ready to take over as America's commander in chief. And he seems to be enjoying every stage of his visit.

"I have had a wonderful visit so far, and excellent conversations," he told ABC News today.

Obama started his day visiting British troops in the southern city of Basra, before flying north to Baghdad to meet Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki .

Both men appear to agree on the need for a timetable for the draw down of US troops from Iraq - over the weekend Maliki even told a German magazine he liked Obama 's 16 month withdrawal schedule, although his office has since said he was misquoted.

US military commanders, however, were keen to show Obama how security has improved with the US troop surge, and to warn against withdrawing troops too quickly, before the Iraqi security forces are ready to take over.

Information courtesy of ABC News. ckhalil@kltv.com