Community Reacts to Backdoor Bandit Arrest

The targets of the alleged back-door burglars are breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. Since May of last year, a bandit or bandits hit more than 30 homes stealing purses, wallets and whatever else was inside them.

So far, police have linked Lawrence Madlock and Penny Green to six of those cases.

None of the victims were surprised Tyler Police finally caught their suspects, but they do all expect to sleep a little easier knowing the people who invaded their home are now in police custody.

Just three weeks ago, Curt Perryman was cleaning up the mess the back door burglar created in his home on Sunnybrook and his family's life. Snatched from his home was a purse, cell phone and several gift cards that could be key in the investigation.

But the most valuable thing that was taken was the security this and other Tyler families city-wide felt with a repeat invader on the loose.

Even though it's hard to find the good in any crime, many of the Tyler burglary victims have found some good.

They say they are no longer taking their safety for granted just because they live in Tyler, a place they used to deem safe.

So now purses are kept out of sight, drapes closed, and alarms and dogs are more visible than ever to keep any criminal contemplating a burglary away.

Investigators say they are continuing to investigate whether these suspects are responsible for twenty or more other incidences of back-door burglaries.