Wedel's Dream Comes True At All-Star Game

It was a wild All-Star week for Coleton Wedel, and he's got the autographs to prove it.

"You know, I still haven't fathomed the fact that I actually met the players," Wedel said. "I still can't believe it, it's like a dream. Was I actually talking to Alex Rodriguez in the dugout? I still can't believe it."

Coleton, a lifelong baseball fan, got his first trip to Yankee Stadium through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He recently survived a bout with a rare bone cancer, and he said the stars and players he met like A-Rod and Derek Jeter helped make his wish come true.

"It meant a lot to me to see that they'd take time out of their day to come and talk to us."

Once Coleton got there, he wasn't leaving, even if his wish went into extra innings.

"All fifteen innings," he laughed. "Until two o'clock. We started falling asleep in the suite, so we went down and stole some seats in the lower section, so we could stay awake with the crowd yelling."

"You hear it on TV and it sounds amazing, but when you're there and you feel it, the electricity in the stadium is amazing."

Coleton says no matter what happens, he'll always have his memories

"It turned out much better than I could have ever imagined. I'm so grateful to Make-A-Wish for the trip, it was truly a once in a lifetime trip since the stadium is getting torn down."

"It meant a lot to be there for one of the last games."