Jealousy Alleged Cause In Car Chase, Collision

Tonight, one victim has been released but five others remain hospitalized after a car chase and accident Thursday.

22 year old Jessica Medford and 18 year old Brittonie Taylor are both charged with six counts of aggravated assault.

Investigators say Medford, the driver of this Toyota Avalon began chasing Brittney Keith, who was driving a Cadillac, in Longview.

The women allegedly rammed the Cadillac, causing it to crash into this tree, here on Highway 259 north of Henderson.

Investigators say the incident started because of jealousy.

"Two ladies got into an altercation in Longview over a ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend. It's sad that our society has gotten to where we take violence more or less for granted. We settle our disputes with violence instead of civility," said William Brown, Rusk County District Attorney Investigator.

At the time of the accident, investigators say Medford was out on bond from Gregg County for an aggravated assault charge stemming from a similar incident back in March.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.