East Texas' Own Batman Older Than The Original

Heroes and villains, critics and cretons: East Texans of all ages will be filling up a theater this weekend for the most anticipated movie of the summer.

Today we found out that Batman is actually an East Texan, and this one was around first.

"I'm 95, and I'm Batman."

Paul J. Batman of Tyler was alive for 25 years before the release of the first comic book featuring the Caped Crusader, and as a minister, he fought evil in his own way. So what about fighting super-criminals nowadays? "If they come here, I'll take care of 'em," he told us.

And did you know Batman had a band with his family called 'The Batman Family Band'?

While the new movie The Dark Knight could end up being one of the biggest box office and critical successes of all time, he says it won't go to his head.

So is this Batman going to see that Batman?

He told us no, but if things ever get bad enough, don't count out a little nighttime crusading. "I'm coming for you, joker."

The movie is playing on 4,300 screens, including pretty much every theater in east Texas. We called some of the theaters this afternoon, and they told us they're selling out quickly. We'd suggest getting your tickets on the internet - or getting to the theater right now.