Investigator: Children Playing With Lighter Caused 2 Alarm Fire

An entire building collapsed under the weight of a two-alarm fire at the Oxford Pointe Apartments Friday morning, destroying at least sixteen apartment units.

The fire began on the second floor of the building when three young children were playing 'fort' with a mattress and playing with a lighter at the same time, when they set the mattress on fire, causing the blaze.

Though residents have been evacuated, firefighters have been unable to search the building because of the collapse of the roof and the fire and heat damage. Around seven units and 24 firefighters have responded to the fire at this point.

Small fires are still burning at this time, and firefighters are working to put out hot spots and keep the fire from spreading.

Oxford Pointe Apartments are located on Highway 31, outside Loop 323. Black smoke is visible for miles around the apartments.

At least two people have required medical attention for their injuries so far, one of whom was injured when he punched through tempered glass to reach a fire extinguisher. He was treated at the scene. The man also said that he saw a bystander collapse at the scene and that she was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Details on her condition are not yet available.

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Cathryn Khalil, reporting.