"Mr. Cowboy" Bob Lilly Comes To Tyler

Quite a few NFL stars pass through the area, but it is rare to have a hall of famer come to East Texas. "Mr. Cowboy" was in Tyler tonight.

The original Ring of Honor Cowboy, Bob Lilly was in Tyler, at the open house for the Texas Arthritis Specialists. Lilly signed autographs and footballs for the crowd, and said even though it's been more than thirty years since he played, it's still good to be a part of cowboys history.

"I told my wife about forty years ago, five years from now nobody will know who I am," Lilly said. "You won't have to worry about being interrupted at a meal or something. She asked me the other day, 'How long did you tell me it was going to take for people to forget you?'

"I said 'five years." She said, 'well, they haven't done a very good job of that!'"

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