The American Dream: Over 100 Become U.S. Citizens

They were born in another country, but now they are both Americans.

"I have been here for 22 years now. Came from Honduras due to the fact that my eldest son needed open heart surgery. We have been blessed," said Bianca Pena. "I was single then with three children to raise, and now I am remarried to my husband who is from Mexico."

Bianca and her husband Jose Cruz Gonzalez got their citizenship Thursday. Bianca said the journey has been long, but well worth it.

"A lot of trips.  A lot of time spent in traveling and money, of course. But we are so proud to be U.S. citizens," said Bianca.

Judge John Love said, "Since the birth of the United States, over 50 million immigrants have arrived in this country searching for opportunities that were denied to them in their native lands."

In Judge John Love's full courtroom, nine countries were represented.

"Citizenship is a great gift of rights and privileges that can't be equaled by any other country in the world," said Judge Love.

Like the right to vote, one thing Clifford Davis said he can't wait to do.

"Put my opinion in for the elections this year. Every votes counts," said Davis.

His parents moved from Great Britain 38 years ago.

"There was five children and they were struggling. They wanted to come for a better life," said Davis.

"A lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, but we are very happy," said Bianca.

Every new citizen was given their new papers, an American flag, and instructions on how to register to vote.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.