Lindale Churches Pull Together To Bring Food To The Foodless

Richard Stallings said he's no professional, but his team of fellow builders are soon becoming experts in lending a helping hand.

"It's a worthwhile cause, and we're enjoying it," he said.

Wednesday, Stallings and a crew of volunteers were hard at work.  They raised walls for what will soon become the new David Powell Food Pantry.

"It's been talked about for a couple of years, now, but finally it's happening," said Roger Dennison, the project manager.  "That's a real good thing."

The pantry is outgrowing its old space just blocks away.  Volunteers already help feed about 700 people each month.

Thanks to dozens of volunteers from churches all over the Lindale area, they will be able to feed even more.

"As the gasoline and the economic situation gets worse in East Texas, and in the Lindale [area], we will have more and more people come," said Jerry Fennell, another volunteer.

And if you build it, they can come.

The nearly 1,600 square foot building will basically double the amount of room they have.

The goal is to minister through meals and providing food to those who need it most.

"That's what Christianity is all about--people getting together to help those that are less fortunate than we are," said Fennell.

Now the group of 'Holy Handymen' are taking their mission to heart.

If you'd like to donate your skills, food, or make monetary donations, feel free to contact the United Methodist Church of Lindale at (903) 882-8506.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.