Judge Awards Custody Of Hoarded Dogs To SPCA

Cecil Riddles believes one of the dogs seized is his mixed breed dog that went missing a month ago.

After seeing the conditions the dogs were rescued from, he told KLTV 7 "just seeing some of the photographs of what these animals were in, you can't put words to it."

Caroline Wedding with the Marion County Humane Society fears that some of the dogs were stolen and ended up with Barbara Holz

"She may have gotten some of these animals by ill means and I think the ones she kept inside the home are ones she didn't want anybody to see," said Wedding.

One dog was found alive, but starving and locked in a room alone.

The SPCA did not expect that dog to make it, but we are told it is doing much better.

Caroline Wedding adds "It's stopping! she better be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life because i'm not going to be far from behind. She's not doing this to another community, and she's not doing this to another animal!"

The day the dogs were seized, one them gave birth to three puppies. Amazingly, all of the dogs seized survived.

Now, SPCA officials say what the dogs need most is food, medicine, and most importantly, love.

The SPCA will continue to evaluate the dogs before putting them up for adoption.

Lakecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com