Does It Work? The Grip Wrench

"Just grip, grab and go," the advertisements say. We got two sizes of the Grip Wrench in this box. First we tried the small one. We set up all kinds of little things to test this thing out with. And who hasn't had trouble loosening the lid on jar. First we tried a stubborn mayonnaise jar lid. Worked like a charm.

Local mechanic, Adam Florey found a tougher challenge for us, an old crusty can of adhesive. The lid was stuck on pretty tight. The Grip Wrench passed the test again.

The next test was by far the toughest. A pump that screws into a 55 gallon drum of tire cleaner. We attached the Grip Wrench around the pump mechanism. Adam gave it good pull. Later, we tried two Grip Wrenches at once... and we couldn't budge it. Not exactly something you'll find around the house, but we did find the Grip Wrench's outer limits.

Finally, we tried it on an oil filter and it passed with flying colors. Overall, Adam liked what he saw. "I think it works pretty good. Certain things it won't work on. But for around the house I think it will work fine." So does it work? Get a grip! No, get a Grip Wrench. Pretty handy tool. We give the grip wrench a "yes".

You can find the Grip Wrench at local discount department stores or online for about 10 or 15 dollars.

Joe Terrell reporting