Kilgore Police Officer Shot On-Duty

A bullet proof vest is probably the difference between life and death for a campus police officer shot early Tuesday morning in the line of duty.

Longview police only describe the shooter as a black male, wearing jeans shorts. His intended target--Officer C.W. Crutcher.

Crutcher responded to an alarm at Kilgore College's Longview campus around midnight. While searching the school, a gunman approached Crutcher from behind.

The intruder fired three rounds--hitting Crutcher twice in the back. Crutcher escaped with only minor injuries.

It's the first time the Kilgore College Police Department has encountered a shooting like this.

"The people in the department are concerned," said Kilgore College Police Chief Bill Lewis. "It raises their level of awareness.

The Kilgore College Police Department says while it's not required for officers to wear armored vests, they do routinely use them. Investigators sent officer Crutcher's vest to a DPS crime lab in Tyler to determine what type of gun was used in the shooting.

At this time, police have no way of knowing if the suspect was injured in the cross-fire.