Blendy Pens: "Does It Work?"

We're about halfway through the summer. And it's right around this time every summer when the kids start whining about there being nothing to do. This week we try to find them "something to do" with our latest "Does It Work?" product.

Blendy Pens promise fifteen color combinations. We'll skip the math but tell you you get six different marker colors. The idea is to blend them together with "fusion" as the makers call it.

We rounded up four kids to test the Blendy Pens. The six colored markers come paired together already...snapped together with the "fusion chamber" connecting them. You also get some artwork to color.

All the kids helping us have seen the Blendy Pens in commercials, so not only do they know how the work, their expectations are fairly high.

To make them work you choose two Blendy Pen colors and put the tips, facing each other in the color fusion chamber. You give the pens a twist and that forces the felt tips to touch. The pen on top bleeds or "fuses" its color into the pen on bottom. It takes about five seconds.

We had red ink coming out of a yellow marker, but not much blending. Later we learned to color with the felt tip lying on its side. That would give us some "blend" for a little bit, but wore off quickly. And the sideways coloring really didn't come naturally for these kids.

On its first twist one of the "fusion chambers" broke on the inside. We tried to fix it but couldn't. In the break, we not only lost a fusion chamber, we lost the lids to two of our markers.

After that, the excitement level among our kids kind of fell off.

"they kind of got boring," one of them said. "they usually look fun on TV. But it's not as fun as you think it's going to be."

The the topic turned to the value of these markers. At six dollars, the kids thought they were kind of expensive for what you get. "they're a horrible value," said one. "I think it's a rip off," said an 8 year old girl.

A less than glowing review but I couldn't help but notice they kept coloring with them.

I pressed them and pressed them for a verdict. "yes, No or Maybe," I kept asking.

They couldn't settle in their debate between no and maybe. They urged us to give a "first of its kind verdict of, "mo"...half maybe...half no.

Blendy Pens are $5.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Joe Terrell, Reporting