World Champ: Whitehouse 10-Year Old Wins Karate Title

Just three weeks ago, KLTV 7 Sports brought you the story of Nuon's Martial Arts in Whitehouse as they headed to the World Karate U.S. Open at Disney World.

One karate kid came home with a lot more than a picture with Mickey Mouse.

Ten-year old Jackson Allen won the world title in the 11-under Black Belt Continuous Sparring Division.  Jackson defeated opponents from Venezuela, Mexico and South Africa.

But in the championship round, Jackson defeated an opponent from Austin, Texas.

"When I saw the other competitors, I was like wow," Jackson said. "The Japanese came in all dressed up with everything, gear bags over their shoulder. Venzuela, South Africa, everybody, it was cool."

Nuon's Martial Arts brought home a number of awards. Eleven-year-old Michael Sapp came in second in creative weapons and point sparring.