New Termite Strain Hungrier, More Dangerous

East Texas homeowners and exterminators are getting ready to meet the next generation of termite. The formosan subterranean termite is a ferocious little pest making its way north from the Texas coast.

To the untrained eye, it looks like an ordinary termite. But this breed is so difficult to handle, some pest control companies don't include it in their guarantees. The termite has been found recently in Smith County, so exterminators are looking out for the new strain. Unlike other termites, formosan termites can actually feed on living wood. They're drought resistant, and a colony can be in the millions, up to ten times larger than regular termites.

Once a home is infested, the expensive treatment involves evacuation and fumigation. Perry Porter of Porter's Pest Control explains, "It takes a few days for them to do a job like that. You actually have to leave your home and you're not allowed back in until the job is completely done." The process is time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive.

With no easy way to discern between the breeds, experts suggest if you suspect you have termites, you consult a professional immediately.