New Website Makes it Easier to Find Kids to Adopt

"If you have the heart to adopt and want to pursue that there are a lot of avenues," said David Asbill,. who works to get adoptable children into good homes.  Having the heart to take another child as your own is something not everyone can do. And too few make the choice.

David is with Christian Services of East Texas, and he's excited about the new government website ... "You have to be open to the idea of where they (the kids)came from." As you look around the website, you'll find that most, if not a majority, of these kids are older -- in their teens -- and that's a major problem.  Not only in Texas but across the nation, it's tough to find prospective parents willing to take into their home not a small child, but a young adult.

"They're just focused on that newborn infant or younger child."

Over time, David hopes using websites -- seeing the stories of so many older kids -- might make those intent on a small child open their hearts to other options.   He's seen it happen.

"We start showing them pictures of older children that are available, and they start thinking that is a possibility, then they do some research on their own."

Many of the kids have disabilities... physical, mental, and emotional.  There is nothing hidden on the new site... issues you need to know about are listed.

"The more recruiment we can do and get the word out that they want to be adopted and are looking for a family, the better chance they have," says Patty Osborn with the Tyler office of the state Department of Human Services.

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