City Sales Tax Figures Up 9.18%

The city of Tyler's sales tax revenues have increased by 9.18%, according to the Texas Comptroller.

The reported revenue of $ 2,841,417.93 is comprised of $1,894,278.62 in general sales tax revenue and $947,139.31 from half-cent sales tax revenue.  The figures represent receipts from May collections, as there is a two month period before revenue is reported.

The 9.18 percent current month increase compares to the statewide average for Texas cities of 2.57 percent.

"We have continued to see strong sales tax returns despite what we are hearing about retail sales elsewhere in the nation," said City Manager Designate Mark McDaniel.  "These strong collections are just further evidence of the resilience of Tyler as a diverse regional market." / Cathryn Khalil