Kelly Reflects On Liberia Mission, Vows To Return

July of 2008 will always be a month to remember for Longview's Malcolm Kelly.

The past two weeks have changed the life of the 21-year-old Washington Redskin's wide receiver.

Last week Malcolm, along with his father and officials with Mercy Ships traveled to Liberia, visiting the war-torn country and the hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. 

Two days after returning from Liberia, Malcolm signed a four-year contract with the Redskins.

KLTV 7 Sports Director Maya Golden sat down with Malcolm Monday afternoon at his home. The big question: How he has seen himself change since his Liberia visit?

"You think about everything, materialistic type stuff, until you get over there (Liberia) and then it just makes it seem like, 'Man, I don't even need a car. I don't need this.' You know? I want it. Not need it," Malcolm said.

"I saw people who it is just a dream for them to have some of the stuff that (Americans) have, our basic necessities over here."

"When you look at those people and see what they go through, we don't go through anything like that over here. I know that people have bad situations at home and family situations and stuff like that, but it's been hundreds of years since there was war on our soil over here.  They just had it four or five years ago."

"(Liberians) are some strong people, strong-minded people. I wish that everybody had an opportunity to go over there and see what we saw. It would change their view about all those people."

The Africa Mercy will leave Liberia in November and head to a new port. However, Malcolm Kelly says he will return to Liberia to visit with the athletes he worked with during his visit.