East Texas Couple Wakes Up To Unwanted Surprise

An east Texas couple lying in their bed this morning felt an unwanted surprise underneath them.

No joke - it was a snake - a big snake moving around, making circles in their bed's mattress.

The home in Flint is located off Highway 155 on County Road 1182, and as KLTV 7 learned, the culprit is still on the loose.

"We both sat on the side of the bed...both of us raised up. I said, did you did you just feel that, and she said yes."

About 8:00 am this morning, Richard Farris and his wife woke up to something strange underneath them.

"We weren't quite sure what was going on. We both jumped up and backed off, and you know, it was pretty weird, kinda scary."

"I sat down on the bed and tried to see what it was. I still wasn't sure. It seemed to be a large snake making circles inside the mattress."

Richard said the snake was over 6 feet long, extending the length of the bed.

To make sure he wasn't imagining it, he went to get another witness.

"I walked out the door, and Richard said, do you have a minute. I said yeah. He said 'there is a snake in my bed'," said Adrian Bradshow, Richard's grandfather.

So, Adrian went next door and also laid his hands on the mattress.

"...I felt the snake. There was something there."

Noonday firefighters quickly came out to the house, but were understandably cautious about cutting the snake loose.

"I cut the mattress open some. He said he wanted to wait till more people here because if it was a large snake we need more help because it was going to fight...he came out to move his vehicle,and I walked outside for a minute. Then we went back in. We ripped the mattress apart and there was no snake."

In just a minute, the snake had escaped from the mattress, sending everyone searching high and low for it.

Snake handler Tim Cozart said because of its size, it's probably a python.

"I asked if anyone around here had a snake and they said no. It's probably one that somebody turned loose...if its 6 or 8 feet, it's going to eat, and it can eat small dogs."

But Richard says, his family is staying put and watching for the return of the unwanted visitor.

"I got rid of the mattress and keep an eye out. They said they are very smart and can squeeze there way into small areas."

Cozart also said it probably went back out the way it came in or is hiding somewhere else.

He also said it probably will not come out during the day, but at night.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com