Constable Jackson Re-Arrested, Jailed

Smith County constable Henry Jackson will more than likely spend the night behind bars tonight, after being arrested this afternoon for violating the bond conditions from his first arrest.

Back in May, Jackson was charged with 7 felony counts of tampering with government documents.

Today, Judge Jack Skeen tripled all 7 bonds for those charges.

The constable's security license was suspended following his first arrest.

But Friday, deputies arrested Jackson a second time for doing just that, working security for a company on the Fourth of July while his license was suspended.

Now, as a condition of his first bond, Jackson was ordered to obey the law, which he obviously broke when he was arrested Friday.

That violation was grounds for the Constable to be taken into custody again this afternoon.

And now, his bonds total $1,050,000 dollars.

He is scheduled to also be tried on three counts of sexual harassment in August.

Jaskson's attorney have requested to have those bonds set at lower amount. That hearing will be held in the morning at 9:00 am.

Layron Livingston, reporting.