Longview's Davis Strong At The Break

Two years after getting drafted by the Rangers, Longview's Chris Davis got the big league callup. Now, three weeks into his major league rookie season, the Lobo is doing pretty well.

Davis has shown a tendency to leave the yard in a hurry, with six home runs in his seventeen games with an at bat. As for batting average, Davis's numbers took a hit, as happens with most rookies, but he's bounced back. Davis was down at .195 this week, but has brought that back up to a decent .259, with 13 RBI and 13 runs scored.

His glove has also been good. Davis has played 127 innings with just one error. He told me last week the attention to detail that helped him reach the majors, all came from his family and growing up in East Texas.

"My parents instilled a lot of things in me when I was a young kid," Davis said. "the fact that I always had to keep working hard, nothing was given to me but there wasn't anything I couldn't do."

"The biggest thing for me as a young kid was to keep trying, and no matter what obstacles where in my way, that I could overcome them."

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