A Race for the Gift of Love

You can hear the roar of the tiny engines and the screech of the small tires. Call it siblings rivalry, but to 9 year old Veronica, and her brother, 7 year old Brandon, Tyler's Fire Mountain race track is like being in the Indy 500. "I love this place. It's so fun," beams Brandon. Both kids are full of energy, but each has their own unique personality. "Veronica is very curious. She's also very girlie. She wants her hair to look cute and wants to dress cute," explains Niki Dailey their Foster Mom. She goes on to say, "Brandon is very sports oriented. He wants to play and run and constantly going, going, going. Sometimes he's so energetic you want to say calm down, but his heart is so genuine and so lovable, you can't get upset with him for very long because he's sweet. He's a good kid." Because of a past filled with neglect, these two youngsters have had to depend on each other. Veronica says, "We play together. I fix his hair. I get him dressed sometimes. I tie his shoes. We go outside and play together on the swing." To help Brandon and Veronica grow, they need a home with consistency. For them, trust will take time. In the past year, they have both made great progress with their learning and social skills. "I think they'll go on to do great things. They just need some love," says Dailey. Their bond is close. Their dream, is to share permanent parents. "I want to stay with a nice family forever that will love me," explains Veronica. Brandon adds, "A family that loves us, and takes care of us." Veronica and Brandon have thought a lot about the kind of forever family they want. "They go to church and is a Christian family that loves God and always tells the truth, not a lie," Brandon says seriously. Veronica then asks, "How would you feel if you were adopted? Happy or sad? I would feel happy!" At such a young age, these two children understand what really matters. "I want to be loved, and she likes to be loved too," says Brandon with a warm smile. They learned the importance of love from their foster family. "People say when you die only three things matter. Who loved you, who you loved, and what you did for the Lord. Nothing else really matter." Dailey goes on to say, "If it's a decision about buying a house or adopting kids, or buying a car or adopting kids, kids are going to enrich your lives with love, a car or house can't." As the sound of go carts racing around the track begins to fade, Veronica and Brandon realize something very important. That the only race they really hope to win, is the one where the prize will change their life. Veronica says confidently, "I want the Gift of Love!"

If you'd like to know more about Veronica and Brandon, or about how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll-free number is 1-888-kids-275.