Whitehouse Girls Have Big Plans To Help Four-Legged Officers

An East Texas law enforcement officer is giving back to six little girls who've made a huge impact.

"For these 6 girls to come together and make the difference that they made, not just for the city but in my life, it is great," said Officer Jordan Hill with the Whitehouse Police Department.

The girls raised more than $1,000 in donation money to buy a four-legged officer a bulletproof vest.

"We made boxes and we sat them out at different stores and we went house to house with our parents," said Brooklyn Gage.

"I thank everybody for putting money in our boxes," said Macy Gage.

"Their donation that they've given, it means a lot to me cause I look at the dog as if he's family," said Officer Hill.

They say their hearts went out after seeing another police dog killed in a TV show, and the girls didn't want the same outcome for our K-9 officers.

"These dogs also protect us and they need to be protected, just like the police officers do," said Melissa Stanley, mother of two of the girls.

"You never know when you're doing a track if some guy's armed or something like that," said Officer Hill.  "He has no protection, I have some."

But now both of these partners are safer on the street, and these young girls have already learned some grown-up lessons.

"I believe they've learned how it feels to give instead of receive and how important it is and what difference it makes," said mother Lisa Gage.

"Not only am I proud of the girls, but it's nice to see the support we got from the community," said dad Stephen Stanley.

"Hopefully it'll spread around the community and make other people think 'well I can do something like this'," said Melissa.

And as for this crew, they're already hot on the trail of other K-9's in need.

The girls and their parents say they've learned both the Longview and Tyler Police Departments are without vests for their dogs. They say they may try to raise money for them as well.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com