Excessive Speed To Blame For Crash That Killed 7

Excessive speed is now believed to be the cause of an accident that killed seven people, including four children.

The accident happened just after six o'clock Sunday night, just west of Longview.

DPS troopers believe a Ford Explorer drove into the path of a minivan carrying five children including three year old triplets.

DPS troopers say a grandmother, her five grandchildren and their aunt were headed home to Shreveport after visiting relatives in Mesquite when they were struck head on by a Ford Explorer driving in the opposite direction.

"Witnesses we talked with said [it was] not necessarily that she was driving erratic but she was driving fast. At the speed she was probably driving, we're checking the speed also, she over corrected and went across the center median," says Sgt. Richard Brown.

Troopers say the seven victims died instantly including the drivers of both vehicles, the aunt and four of the five children in the minivan.

The only survivor was one of the three year old triplets.

"There were 7 people in one vehicle and six of them have been killed so far.  For the most part it did appear that they all died instantly," says Sgt. Richard Brown.

Troopers say they are still investigating, trying to determine exactly why the driver of the SUV lost control.

They are working to find her exact speed at the time of the impact.

But what is clear, Sgt. Brown says, is that the victims didn't have a chance, "All of the people involved, the seven that were in the one vehicle and the lady in the SUV were all seat belted in. The small children were in car seats and they were strapped in. Just a very, very tragic accident."

The only surviving victim, the three year old triplet remains in critical condition in a Dallas hospital.

Those that died in Sunday night's accident are:  The driver of the ford explorer, 54 year old Kyong Leingang of Addison.

62-year old Ira Salone along with her four grandchildren, all from Shreveport.

They are 14-year old Marisha Jackson, 10-year old Shanae Jackson, and 3-year olds-- Tevin and Tyler Jackson.

Their aunt 48-year old Belinda Jackson was also killed.

DPS troopers say right now they don't believe alcohol was involved in the accident but they say the investigation into the exact cause continues.