Strother Sets Sights On Olympic Team

Whitehouse's Chestley Strother is setting her sights pretty high. She's already the tops in the state, now, she's shooting for the next level.

This weekend, fourteen year-old Strother will be heading to Alabama to compete for a spot on the Regional Olympic Development Program Soccer team. She's been playing since she was four, and is in her second straight year on the Texas State Team. She was chosen for the tryout from the best players in the twelve state region, and says she's seeing some familiar faces there.

"I've become good friends with a lot of them," Strother said, "and some play in my league, so I get to know them."

The fourteen year-old forward has her long-term goals set pretty high.

"I'm hoping to play at A&M," she said, "and the national team, maybe. If I make it to regional, I can make it the next step to the national team."

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