Dollar Store Bandits Strike In Palestine

The dollar store bandits have hit again, this time in Palestine.

Police tell KLTV 7 that the Family Dollar store on east Spring and the Dollar General on north Elm were burglarized late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

They broke in the front door, disabled the alarm and went out the back, returning about an hour later to break into the safe and take its contents.

Police say the robbery is linked to the Dollar Store burglaries in Tyler, Gladewater, Longview and Centerville.

"They're basically doing the same thing. The way they are getting in, the way they are opening the back door [so that] they can escape out the front or back door, with two exit points and they forcibly enter the safes and take what's inside," said Larry Boyer of the Palestine Police department.

Police are reviewing surveillance video and are working together in this ongoing investigation.

Danielle Capper, reporting.