Biologist Searching For Thousand Pound Gator Nicknamed 'Goliath' In Wood County

A wildlife biologist is searching a private lake in southern Wood county for a reported 16 foot long giant alligator. KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on a community that's a little nervous over an unwelcome resident.

Cruising under the calm waters is not a mythical beast.

But then again, an alligator that has been named Goliath is nothing to shake a stick at.

"They consider it to be 12 to 16 feet long, the gentleman saying it's close to 16 has seen a lot of alligators," said Mark McDonald, the wildlife biologist searching for Goliath.

Eyewitnesses say Goliath has come out of the water to grab deer on the shoreline.

Mark has been called in to remove the gator, and has caught several small gators there, including one apparently attacked by Goliath.

"I did catch about a 7 foot alligator that it bit in half, up to 1000 pounds...what we're looking for is what people say is a monster."

The problem is that a gator of that size is capable of anything.

"It's all muscle, no fat, and a 1000 pound gator is capable of swallowing something whole 500 pounds...Their brain is the size of a quarter, so if it's hungry it doesn't have the rationale to leave you alone. It's just too large to leave in a lake safely."

Using heavy wire snares, McConald has already captured an 8 footer at another lake, and a massive 12 foot, 650 pound male 3 days ago, but Goliath is bigger than anything he has ever tackled.

"It's...too close to people for a large one to be left, so I'm going to try to take him."

McDonald hopes he can catch Goliath before he adds people to his diet.

He plans to catch the big gator alive and move him to a remote area, and he hopes to do it quickly.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.