19 Plead Guilty To Violations In Connection With Mt. Pleasant ICE Raid

Nineteen people from the Mt. Pleasant area have pleaded guilty to misuse of Social Security numbers in Texas.

They include: Ana Alvarez; Juan Mata; Juana Banda; Juana Canao-Urdaz; Juan Canada; Miguel Cordova; Pedro Pulquero-Perez; Bernardo Nava-Gomez; Balbina Barajas; Rafael Fernando; Maria Antonia Romero; Sara Garcia; Joaquin Hipolito; Leonardo Paloblanco; Jose Cruz; Omar Robles; Rafael Gomez; Carmela Vargas; and Rosauro Moran-Rodriguez.

According to evidence presented in court, all of those who pleaded presented a social security account number to Pilgrim's Pride Corporation so that they could get jobs there. According to prosecuters, they knew the social security numbers were not theirs, and thus commited the misuse crime.

Each of the defendants was sentenced to time served and turned over to Immigration and Custody Enforcement.

In addition, Cecilia Perez-Lazaro pleaded guilty to a one-count information alleging entry into the United States without inspection.  She received a sentence equal to time already served and released to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In a related case, German Yepez-Guzman was sentenced to time already served on a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with identification documents. Evidence introduced at Yepez-Guzman's plea indicated that he was involved with others selling false identification documents to be used by aliens in the state illegally to assist in gaining employment, including such documents as Social Security Account cards and birth certificates.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com