Anderson County Sheriff Candidate Arrested For Assault

Arrested instead of elected - tonight, an east Texas sheriff's candidate is facing assault charges.

Authorities arrested Steven Quick, who is running for Anderson County sheriff, for allegedly choking and pushing his girlfriend during an argument Tuesday afternoon.

Steve Quick's girlfriend, Toni Hill, says the argument escalated to the point that she was packing up to leave.

Quick began to crate her dogs, and when she begged him to stop she says he pushed her to the ground. When she began to spray him with a waterhose, he grabbed her neck. She defended herself, allegedly giving Quick a busted lip.

She called 911 and he fled in his Trailblazer bearing his political signs.

After Sheriff's deputies made the report, they contacted Anderson County District Attorney Doug Lowe yesterday morning, an extra precaution he said, because of who Quick is.

"We had a domestic violence report filed by his office. We discussed generally what had happened and we discussed how to handle the case.It should be handled was any other case and we said this should be handled as any other domestic case in the county," said Lowe today.

So now, the man who was chief jailer in Anderson County for 2 years and is running for Sheriff was arrested yesterday for assault causing bodily injury family violence.

"He was released on personal recognition bond and issued a emergency protective order."

The protective order means Quick can't contact Hill, and authorities are treating it as any other case.

"We try make an effort anyone in domestic violence receives the attention it deserves," said Lowe.

Quick will remain on the November ballot to run against current sheriff Greg Taylor.

Hill's injuries did not require any medical treatment. The charge against Quick is a class A misdemeanor, and is punishable up to one year in jail.

Danielle Capper, reporting.