Dogs Seized In Marion County

Barbara Holz
Barbara Holz

The SPCA was on the scene this afternoon of a major dog seizure in Marion County.

Seizure of sixty dogs was this morning at a home on lakeland road in the community of lone star near Lake O' The Pines.

70 year old Barbara Holz is behind bars charged with animal cruelty.

And as KLTV 7 News' Lakecia Shockley reports, this isn't the first time Holz has had a run in with the law.

This used to be a quiet country road that neighbors would walk, until the barking started.

Now, neighbors are terrorized.

"They say it was just too many dogs and we don't know if they're going to bite us, or whatever and so we knew we had to do something then," said Don Adams, a neighbor.

Don lives next door to this home, where SPCA armed with snares seized dogs living in horrible conditions.

"Unfortunately, these animals have just had the ruff go of it, they've had eye discharge, hair loss, overgrown nails," said Jaklin Kaden, a communications specialist for the SPCA.

"It's disgusting and you wouldn't want any creature to live in an environment like that."

Authorities say this isn't the first animal problem they've had with the accused, Barbara Holz.

Her arrest today actually stems from a separate animal cruelty warrant out of Rusk County.

"The woman has gotten away with this for we know at least 10 years maybe longer than that. She goes from county to county."

Officials also say Holz is not the property owner at the Marion County site.

"She didn't have a right to be in this house, somebody should have known it, and doesn't have any interest in it. She's just squatting," said Bill Gleason, the Marion County district attorney.

Inside the home, dogs lived with soaked urine carpets and feces.

An ammonia reader reached levels more than four times the safe limit for humans.

"She smelled like the dogs and she wasn't reasonable in other words -- to her there was no limit to the number of dogs....she's a hoarder, she just can not give up an animal."

Officials say Holz did not own the property where she was hording animals in Rusk County, as well.

Holz faces felony charges for both incidents as well as potential criminal trespassing charges.

All dogs will be taken to the SPCA clinic in McKinney.

A custody hearing is scheduled next Wednesday in Marion County for the animals.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.