A Better East Texas - Veda Ashby

What makes an everyday hero? Just ask 76 year old Veda Ashby's family, and they'll tell you.

It's a giving heart, faith in god and unconditional love all qualities of their beloved "nanny".

Mrs. Ashby first came to tyler in the 1960's - penniless - with three children.

But her determination and faith to make a better life for herself and her family helped her overcome any obstacles. She went on to receive a college degree, raise four children, several grandchildren, and is even a cancer survivor.

But for all these accomplishments, perhaps her greatest, is her faith in people. Over the years, despite the obstacles thrown in her path, mrs. Ashby has helped many less fortunate than herself - from mentoring at-risk kids to helping total strangers find food and shelter.

She has never thought twice about helping someone who needed her, and always manages to find the good in people, regardless of their circumstances.

So,  for her tireless service to her family and those in need. And for always looking for the best in others, we recognize our first Everyday Hero, Veda Ashby for making this a better east texas.