Hot Weather Coming; Salvation Army Needs Fans

Summer is here in full force finally, and many East Texans are looking for their place out of the sun.

"The weather's been extremely hot, it's been very unbearable for a lot of people, especially the older citizens and younger citizens," says Tyler Salvation Army Lodge Supervisor John Kenock.

The Tyler Salvation Army is in dire need of fans, and a relatively easy donation can help some East Texans survive the summer. Salvation Army client Linda Alvey says, "I don't think I could sleep without one. It's hard when it's hot, and you've got so many people in a room."

The Salvation Army is already out of fans, and cooler temperatures over the past few weeks have reduced the number of fan donations. They fear people won't realize the need until the heat becomes dangerous, when it may be too late.

For some of these people, the donated box fans mean more to them than just a little bit of circulation, it's another step toward independence. "If you get the sleep you need because you're comfortable," Alvey says, "You're capable of getting out there and getting a job."